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Best place to get cheap flights from South Africa to Europe (Portugal?)?

Where do you usually buy your flights for the cheapest prices when going on holiday overseas from South Africa? My in-laws want to go to Portugal from mid September to mid October. I have looked at which have some good offers, but was wondering if there are other better places? Thanks. Chosen Answer: Try [...]

Cheap flights from Ireland to Australia?

Where can you go to get the cheapest flight from dublin, Ireland to Brisbane, Australia around Christmas time? Thanks for all answers so far. I need to know cost in euro and also roughly the dates would be 21 Dec – 5 Jan. Thanks again Chosen Answer: Don’t look prices stated in currency other then [...]

Were can you buy cheap flights to Turkey?

Iv looked at loads of sites but they all are £300pp or more return flights which is too expensive! Thanks Chosen Answer: from where????? what dates? Anyways… London? If so, go directly to Turkey: for 35 £ and I would choose to have a scale when returning: see: the cheapest here is Finnair: [...]

What is the best place to get cheap flights to Mexico?

Chosen Answer: Yup, depends on where from and where to. Here is a very cheap airline that flies from Austin Tx. to Monterrey, then to other destinations in Mexico….or directly to Cancun. Need to search through dates for one of their surprise, dirt cheap flights.

Is there a site where you can buy last minute cheap flights?

Is there a site where you can buy flights which have been cancelled by booked traveller? Not ebay, last nor the major UK airlines. Some where where you can check if a traveller has cancelled their booked flight and buy it! I’m late in booking a flight and need a really cheap deal. thank [...]

Cheap flights from Munich to Athens?

Where can i find the cheapest flights from Munich, Germany to Athens, Greece? Thanks! for either the weekend of August 1st to the 3rd or 7th to the 9th. Chosen Answer: Here is just an example from Cheap Tickets: 251 euros for a return ticket Aug. 7 to 9. Finding online the cheapest flight for [...]

anyone know an airline that does cheap flights from England to Scotland without a passport?

me and my girlfriend wanna go away for a weekend, and flying is the cheapest option, but she dosent have passport, i was told you do not need a passport as its all in the British Isles, but ryanair said she would need one for them. are there any that dont require a passport to [...]

does anyone know where i can get REALLY cheap flights to dublin?

im also a student could that also lower the fares? sorry i forgot to mention that im want to travel from one of the two main airports ion glasgow (prestwick) and (The main One!) Chosen Answer: Cheap flights FROM where? We can help you unless you tell us where you are traveling from… Ok now [...]