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What’s the best way to go about cheap international flights?

Hi everyone. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and next year I’m planning to be in Hong Kong from mid Feb to mid May, then travel back home via Vietnam and Thailand. I’m using websites to compare prices and I’m finding that ‘multi stop’ tickets (e.g. ‘Melb, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Phuket, Melb’) are VERY expensive. Should I [...]

I am in a long distance relationship… any suggestions on how to get cheap flights?? detroit to arizona?

Im just looking for a few good tips on saving on plane tickets.. or some websites that have discounted flights thanks for the help! Chosen Answer: Try, and

Anyone know any websites with really cheap flights??

I live in UK nd need a return flight from either Heathrow or Gatwick to Newcastle and the cheapest iv founds like £150 any ideas??!!! Chosen Answer: £32 return, Gizza tab.

Cheap flights from Toronto, waterloo or Hamilton to Orlando?

I am looking for flights from Toronto, waterloo or Hamilton to Orlando, Sanford or Melbourne Florida. I was looking for the different airlines that I could research as well. Chosen Answer: There is considerable service from Toronto to Orlando on US Air, Northwest, Delta, United and Air Canada. Melbourne is close by and can also [...]

Anyone know of any cheap flights to Athens?

I’m looking to go (preferably from Manchester, but will consider London) from the 4/5/6th October to the 26th or 27th or 28th Oct. Please help! Tried all the websites you’ve mentioned already and the flights are well over 200 pounds. Anything cheaper?? Chosen Answer: The best price is £138.45. This is with SwissAir, from London [...]

Where can I get cheap flights from Ireland to Bulgaria?

preferably from Belfast ..are there any good websites? it’s for between end of June and Start of August Chosen Answer: (yes they have airplane tickets)

Cheap flights from the UK to australia, anyone got any good websites to use?

Planning on leaving in the first-second week in december 2010 and returning in january 2011 Chosen Answer: go to BookMe. You can compare prices on all the major travel sites from one location. It’s the only way you can guarantee the cheapest prices online.

Anyone know of cheap flights?

We are flying to Phoenix in the middle of June and we fly there every year but the tickets are expensive. I guess cause there is 4 of us flying. Didn’t know if anyone knew of any websites for coupons or just a cheap flight in general? I have been looking for a couple months [...]