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Looking for cheap flights to Manila?

Looking for cheap flights to Manila? Travel is your best source for finding the best deals on discount flights, last minute flights and cheap international fares. Travel, the sky’s the limit! Cheap Flights to Manila. Chosen Answer: You can visit this site for Free Vouchers,Discount Coupons,Latest News on Airlines and Hotels.It works I tested it. [...]

What is the best site to find cheap flights!?! Or packages? I’m going to Vegas in May :)?

I’ve tried using google to find good promo codes. Some have worked out. I guess I am used to a couple years ago when all round trip flights were 0 and rooms were ! Any help is appreciated! Thanks everyone! Help is appreciated! I guess I am living in the past…at 26 having been to [...]

Cheap flights from Belfast to Manchester?

What is the best place to get cheap flights from Belfast to Manchester? And no fraud, please. Lol. Any anyone recommendations? It be helpful if you could recommend one that you have used and your thoughts or anything please. Thanks Chosen Answer: Try this site might be helpful.

How can I get really cheap flights from Madison WI. to Pheonix AZ.?

I’d like to go in saturday and return Tuesday or go on March 5 and return March 8. Chosen Answer: leaving on a Saturday will not help you at all, but try or another site like that, 95% of the time it is more expansive to leave on a Weekend.. cause they dont base [...]

What is the best travel agency to arrange cheap flights and tours to India from the US?

Why? What was your experience? Chosen Answer: so i far i think affordable travels is the best check out there web site you can build a package deal and get your flight and hotel all included in the price

Is there cheap airline flights between Istanbul and Cairo?

Hi. Could I get on cheap airline plane to get Cairo from Istanbul? Just checked Turkish airlines web site and found it costs almost 0 for round trip ticket. The price I should beat is USD500. If there is cheap ferry liner between two cities, it would be great. Please help me. Chosen Answer: Egypt [...]

I am looking for a website where I can find cheap flights from Iowa to Boston.?

I will be flying mid July to Boston from Iowa. What site can I find good rates? Also, I have a child under 2.. does she fly for free? What are the rules for her? We never fly so this is all foreign to me. Thanks! Chosen Answer: you should try travelocity. Type in your [...]

where can i find really cheap flights to palma, Majorca?

departing 30/12/07 and returning 02/01/2008. Flight only as own accomodation Thanks x Cheap as possible please Chosen Answer: This site lists great cheap travel bargain sites: One site compares all the airlines for the cheapest fare.

I want to travel ANYWHERE but on certain dates. Is there a site that looks for all cheap flights by date?

So all I know is I want to travel on certain dates. I need a site that just takes the dates I want to fly and find all the tickets available (cheap) and to where… Fly by the seat of my pants. Chosen Answer: There is a way to do exactly what you want, but [...]