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What’s the best way to go about cheap international flights?

Hi everyone. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and next year I’m planning to be in Hong Kong from mid Feb to mid May, then travel back home via Vietnam and Thailand. I’m using websites to compare prices and I’m finding that ‘multi stop’ tickets (e.g. ‘Melb, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Phuket, Melb’) are VERY expensive. Should I [...]

Best place to get cheap flights from South Africa to Europe (Portugal?)?

Where do you usually buy your flights for the cheapest prices when going on holiday overseas from South Africa? My in-laws want to go to Portugal from mid September to mid October. I have looked at which have some good offers, but was wondering if there are other better places? Thanks. Chosen Answer: Try [...]

Does anyone know a good website for CHEAP flights>? Specifically from Madison to San Francisco or Oakland?

I am really tight on money and have been totally stressing about finding a cheap flight to go home..does anyone have any suggestions?! Thank you!! Chosen Answer: Madison is not a large city and will probably not have a lot of flights. Therefore ticket prices will be high due to lack of competition. You can [...]

Cheap flights from Ireland to Australia?

Where can you go to get the cheapest flight from dublin, Ireland to Brisbane, Australia around Christmas time? Thanks for all answers so far. I need to know cost in euro and also roughly the dates would be 21 Dec – 5 Jan. Thanks again Chosen Answer: Don’t look prices stated in currency other then [...]

How to get cheap flights to Bangalore? Can any one suggest me how can i find cheap flights to Bangalore.?

Chosen Answer: there are quite a few sites that you can search that will likely give you the best prices available. check out the website BookMe and you will be able to compare prices on all the reputable travel sites in just a couple minutes. it’s very convenient and will save you a bunch of [...]

What website can I go to get cheap flights to Las Vegas?

I want to go from Buffalo, NY to Las Vegas I need to leave july 7 and return on the july 10 I need tickets for 3 people and I want to spend under 900 for the three of us Any website suggestions , where i can get a good deal? thanks so much , [...]

I am looking for cheap flights to salt lake city utah from austin tx help?

I do not like all the different sites that I have to go to to find prices is there a easier way Chosen Answer: Just try, it will search for the best prices, and take you direct to the website offering the best price.

Cheap flights from the UK to australia, anyone got any good websites to use?

Planning on leaving in the first-second week in december 2010 and returning in january 2011 Chosen Answer: go to BookMe. You can compare prices on all the major travel sites from one location. It’s the only way you can guarantee the cheapest prices online.

what day/ time is the best day to buy flights for American Airlines for cheap?

I know there is a certain day and time to buy flights at a cheap cheap price. But I can’t remember if its Tuesday or Thursday. or even if I have the correct days. If anyone knows please please let me know trying to book a flight to Chicago end of August. Thank you Only [...]