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What website gives you the best air flights for cheap?Is it cheaper to book with a hotel at the same time?

I really need to go away and I need to save money for university as well so I’m on a tight budget anyway where can i TRULY get a good deal?Any tips are appreciated? Most websites say cheap, cheap and then i find its so damn expensive Thanks everyone ! Chosen Answer: The first 2 [...]

Cheap flights from Ireland to Australia?

Where can you go to get the cheapest flight from dublin, Ireland to Brisbane, Australia around Christmas time? Thanks for all answers so far. I need to know cost in euro and also roughly the dates would be 21 Dec – 5 Jan. Thanks again Chosen Answer: Don’t look prices stated in currency other then [...]

Anyone know any websites with really cheap flights??

I live in UK nd need a return flight from either Heathrow or Gatwick to Newcastle and the cheapest iv founds like £150 any ideas??!!! Chosen Answer: £32 return, Gizza tab.

columbus to huston i need cheap flights?

I need to fly from columbus ohio to huston texas. i want to leave nov. 28 and come back that sunday…i will fly any airline and i can fly out of columbus, ohio Cincinnati, Cleveland, ohio or anywhere in western west virgina…what is the cheapest flight i could get Chosen Answer: By the way, [...]

I need a “cheap flights” widget for my travel website that looks professional and pays a click-thru commission?

Any suggestions? Chosen Answer: Not as simple as you think, most if not all reputable travel companies require you to submit your website to them for approval before providing you with an affiliation link code. Please contact me by messaging system with your website address and I will advise you further.

Where to get cheap flights to Milan without being charged extra for baggage etc..!!!?

Needing cheap flights to italy for september! Any good sites part from Jet 2 etc that add extra charges for baggage, taxes and stuff at the end!!! Thanks Chosen Answer: easyJet add a charge for taxes and baggage, but they’re still cheap. They fly to both Malpensa and Linate from Gatwick and Luton. If you [...]

What website can I go to get cheap flights to Las Vegas?

I want to go from Buffalo, NY to Las Vegas I need to leave july 7 and return on the july 10 I need tickets for 3 people and I want to spend under 900 for the three of us Any website suggestions , where i can get a good deal? thanks so much , [...]

Cheap flights for alone child aged 15 from Bristol to Barcelona needed fast!?

I am 15 years of age and was wondering if anybody could help me find a cheap flight from Bristol to Barcelona and unaccompanied, flying alone. i am looking for a price range around 100-200 british pounds with return included in that. the days i need to leave and return on are 13th, 14th of [...]

Where can i fing Cheap Flights to Sydney australia?

From London airports to Sydney Australia I need to find something good, around £300 to £400 if possible, as i’m taking my girlfriend on holliday for xmas. Chosen Answer: There are massive deals on Qatar air right now, if you don`t come right there, the internet is the next best option: Flight Saver, Cheap Flights, [...]

Does anyone know of any cheap flights to Salvador, Brazil?

I am struggling to find anything less than £800 return. First Choice offers flights but they don’t do onteh dates I need – 5th July to 20th July… Any ideas on where to start would be great… Chosen Answer: try this website, click on international flight search also check both roundtrip and one way, sometimes [...]