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Where can I book cheap domestic flights in US that accepts Philippine credit card?

I’m sorry… I’m looking for one that accepts visa/mastercard with billing address in the Philippines. I’ve already tried Expedia and Priceline and there’s no Phil. Chosen Answer: What’s a Philippine credit card? Not visa, mastercard, American express or an internationally issued card? If it’s any of the ones I mentioned as well as some internationally [...]

cheap flights from leeds/bradford to alicante?

hey can someone give me a hand looking for cheap flights from leeds/bradford to alicante on around about 26 August to 3 September. doesnt have to be them dates exactly. and also could have different companies. such as jet 2 there and thomas cook bak. im really struggling! x x Chosen Answer: try looking up [...]

Courier Flights or cheap way to fly Asia?

Any ideas on cheap or discounted flights to Asia? such as courier flights? Am looking for cheap or discounted alternative for flights to Asia from Los Angeles. Courier flights? etc.. Chosen Answer: Courier flights are not a good bet since 9-11 (actually, they weren’t a good bet before 9-11, either). Your best bet is to [...]

Looking for resource for cheap international flights?

Am planning a trip from Miami to Berlin and back sometime this spring or summer. I will be staying 2 1/2 weeks. I am very flexible on dates to travel. Chosen Answer: Nothing special to Belin, righ now! Try FRA/Frankfurt! see: Please check: Tips: a- use flexible dates b- use alternative airports [...]

I am in a long distance relationship… any suggestions on how to get cheap flights?? detroit to arizona?

Im just looking for a few good tips on saving on plane tickets.. or some websites that have discounted flights thanks for the help! Chosen Answer: Try, and

Looking for cheap flights to Manila?

Looking for cheap flights to Manila? Travel is your best source for finding the best deals on discount flights, last minute flights and cheap international fares. Travel, the sky’s the limit! Cheap Flights to Manila. Chosen Answer: You can visit this site for Free Vouchers,Discount Coupons,Latest News on Airlines and Hotels.It works I tested it. [...]

Where do I get cheap return flights from the UK to Jackson Missisippi?

Am looking to go in or around 12th July to 19th July. Any ideas where is the best deal as look very expensive at the mo? Chosen Answer: If you travelling alone and do not mind to wait a little in the airport, then just go to the airport and ask if there are any [...]

Cheap flights from Toronto, waterloo or Hamilton to Orlando?

I am looking for flights from Toronto, waterloo or Hamilton to Orlando, Sanford or Melbourne Florida. I was looking for the different airlines that I could research as well. Chosen Answer: There is considerable service from Toronto to Orlando on US Air, Northwest, Delta, United and Air Canada. Melbourne is close by and can also [...]

Cheap flights for alone child aged 15 from Bristol to Barcelona needed fast!?

I am 15 years of age and was wondering if anybody could help me find a cheap flight from Bristol to Barcelona and unaccompanied, flying alone. i am looking for a price range around 100-200 british pounds with return included in that. the days i need to leave and return on are 13th, 14th of [...]

Anyone know of any cheap flights to Athens?

I’m looking to go (preferably from Manchester, but will consider London) from the 4/5/6th October to the 26th or 27th or 28th Oct. Please help! Tried all the websites you’ve mentioned already and the flights are well over 200 pounds. Anything cheaper?? Chosen Answer: The best price is £138.45. This is with SwissAir, from London [...]