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we are travelling to the us from ireland. anyone have any good ideas on cheap flights etc. we are going to?

austin and ingram texas and santa fe in new mexico. we want to stay ina big city for a few days!!? any nice touristy places and things to go and see around these places? Chosen Answer: Aerlingus flights to the US are quite reasonable atm, and American Airlines are normally pretty cheap. I’ve only been [...]

Best place to get cheap flights from South Africa to Europe (Portugal?)?

Where do you usually buy your flights for the cheapest prices when going on holiday overseas from South Africa? My in-laws want to go to Portugal from mid September to mid October. I have looked at which have some good offers, but was wondering if there are other better places? Thanks. Chosen Answer: Try [...]

Can you get cheap flights last minute?

I was wondering, if I went to the airport just a few hours before a flight I wanted to take was going to leave, would I be able to get a really good deal on the ticket? Or would I pay more? It would be an international flight if that is helpful. Chosen Answer: Last [...]

What is the best site to find cheap flights!?! Or packages? I’m going to Vegas in May :)?

I’ve tried using google to find good promo codes. Some have worked out. I guess I am used to a couple years ago when all round trip flights were 0 and rooms were ! Any help is appreciated! Thanks everyone! Help is appreciated! I guess I am living in the past…at 26 having been to [...]

where can i find cheap flights from england?

I will be going on a cruise that arrives in england (south hampton) What airport should i fly out of and what airline would be cheapest? would it be cheaper to go to another country and fly from there. It is in april and there will be 2 seniors and a 15 and 12 year [...]

know any websites that offer cheap flights?

im going to dubai and i was wondering have you purchassed a flight in the past recent days on a very cheap website, well then please help me out by giving me the link. Chosen Answer: I agree that checking out is a good idea. I would also get a price quote from a [...]

Cheap flights to Europe from Chicago and Quito, Ecuador?

I want to travel around Europe for about 2 months from the late June/Early July to late August/Early September. I’m flying from Chicago but my cousin is flying from and returning to Quito, Ecuador. Does anybody know a cheap airport in Europe for both of us to fly to? It doesn’t really matter where in [...]

Where can I find cheap flights to Fresno?

6 family members are going to Fresno from Milwaukee, WI and as of right now the price ranges from 520 and up… Is it true that it’d be cheaper if I find tickets closer to the date I am leaving? We’re leaving Dec. 22… Chosen Answer: You are already a little late for cheap airfares. [...]

Where can I find cheap flights?

Im going from Atlantic City,NJ to tampa,Fl. It would be me and a 4 year old. I want to go in November but if it is cheaper to fly in another month ill do it. I need a round-trip flight. I Have looked around and the cheapest i found was .50. People have told me [...]