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Does any one know any cheap flights from Manchester to Los Angeles ( LAX Airport )?

just that there really dear for me there like £700-900 pound for a round trip so does any one know any cheaper flights? and i would really like to go in Augest. Chosen Answer: I looked at flight departing Aug 15th and returning Aug 31st. I couldn’t find anything less expensive then what you have [...]

Cheap flights from Frankfurt to Amsterdam?

Does anyone know of the cheapest airline to fly with from Frankfurt, Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands? I’ve been told that flights can be as low as Euro but so far I’ve only found flights that are 0 and up. Or would it be cheaper to take a train? Chosen Answer: You can take a bus, [...]

Anyone know any cheap flights or deals to amsterdam from any uk london airport!?

the departure date is for tomorrow – 29.08.08 and the return would be for sunday – 31.08.08! I’ve had alot of qoutes between 150 – 200 pounds per person, but obviously id like to see if i could get as cheap as possible! thanx in advance to anyone who could help. i only found out [...]

Is there cheap airline flights between Istanbul and Cairo?

Hi. Could I get on cheap airline plane to get Cairo from Istanbul? Just checked Turkish airlines web site and found it costs almost 0 for round trip ticket. The price I should beat is USD500. If there is cheap ferry liner between two cities, it would be great. Please help me. Chosen Answer: Egypt [...]

Where can I get cheap flights from New York to Milan ?

I am trying to go to Milan from NY/NJ for christmas and new years .Any sites that are low cost around 0.What days are cheaper to fly on Sunday?Help Plz Chosen Answer: Well, I found a page for you and this page offers various cheap flights from New York to Milan. I just had a [...]

Where can I find cheap flights?

Im going from Atlantic City,NJ to tampa,Fl. It would be me and a 4 year old. I want to go in November but if it is cheaper to fly in another month ill do it. I need a round-trip flight. I Have looked around and the cheapest i found was .50. People have told me [...]

How can i find cheap flights?!!! From Toronto to Bari, Italy.?

I want to leave on the 11th and come home on the 18th… The cheapest flight i have found so far was Air Canada 69, which is not so cheap. Anyone know where to find cheaper flights? I want my flight ticket to get me there and home, so roundabout. Chosen Answer: Try putting in [...]

When is the best time of the week or day to purchase cheap international flights?

I heard airlines release hold flights in the early morning and late at night. Has anyone found this to be true? Chosen Answer: Typically, airlines will load new fares late in the evening, but there are instances where sales can occur that last several hours at the most, so the price could well change during [...]

Cheap transatlantic flights for students?

I’m studying in Rotterdam and I’d like to visti my family in Mexico during Christmas!!! But the tickets that I’ve found are pretty expensive! I even delayed my options till December 24th in order to get cheaper prices but still the tickets are way expensive. Does anyone know a website where I could get cheaper [...]