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What’s the best way to go about cheap international flights?

Hi everyone. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and next year I’m planning to be in Hong Kong from mid Feb to mid May, then travel back home via Vietnam and Thailand. I’m using websites to compare prices and I’m finding that ‘multi stop’ tickets (e.g. ‘Melb, Hong Kong, Hanoi, Phuket, Melb’) are VERY expensive. Should I [...]

how do you get cheap flights like they did in Eurotrip?

Me and my friends live in new york and want to go to Amsterdam. However, tickets are expensive. How do you go about trading your baggage space, or carrying packages or whatever they did? Any help is appreciated Chosen Answer: I dunno but these 2 sites have cheap flights

What website gives you the best air flights for cheap?Is it cheaper to book with a hotel at the same time?

I really need to go away and I need to save money for university as well so I’m on a tight budget anyway where can i TRULY get a good deal?Any tips are appreciated? Most websites say cheap, cheap and then i find its so damn expensive Thanks everyone ! Chosen Answer: The first 2 [...]

Can you get cheap flights last minute?

I was wondering, if I went to the airport just a few hours before a flight I wanted to take was going to leave, would I be able to get a really good deal on the ticket? Or would I pay more? It would be an international flight if that is helpful. Chosen Answer: Last [...]

Does any one know any cheap flights from Manchester to Los Angeles ( LAX Airport )?

just that there really dear for me there like £700-900 pound for a round trip so does any one know any cheaper flights? and i would really like to go in Augest. Chosen Answer: I looked at flight departing Aug 15th and returning Aug 31st. I couldn’t find anything less expensive then what you have [...]

Where do I get cheap return flights from the UK to Jackson Missisippi?

Am looking to go in or around 12th July to 19th July. Any ideas where is the best deal as look very expensive at the mo? Chosen Answer: If you travelling alone and do not mind to wait a little in the airport, then just go to the airport and ask if there are any [...]

Cheap flights from Newark, USA to Shannon, Ireland.?

I’ve been searching for cheap flights to Shannon, Ireland from the dates of the 21st of June to the 12th of July. I’ve been searching and couldn’t find anything under 0. Can someone help me find a cheap flight below that. Thanks Chosen Answer: It’s probably expensive because its near USA’s independence day when people [...]

Anyone know of cheap flights?

We are flying to Phoenix in the middle of June and we fly there every year but the tickets are expensive. I guess cause there is 4 of us flying. Didn’t know if anyone knew of any websites for coupons or just a cheap flight in general? I have been looking for a couple months [...]

Were can you buy cheap flights to Turkey?

Iv looked at loads of sites but they all are £300pp or more return flights which is too expensive! Thanks Chosen Answer: from where????? what dates? Anyways… London? If so, go directly to Turkey: for 35 £ and I would choose to have a scale when returning: see: the cheapest here is Finnair: [...]