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cheap flights to arizona, nevada or califonia?

I am hoping to travel around Arizona, Calif. and Nevada for a month or so in the autumn. I’m flexible about dates, I can travel anytime from September to November and I don’t mind where I start the trip. I can fly from any UK airport but London or Norwich would be best for me [...]

cheap flights from leeds/bradford to alicante?

hey can someone give me a hand looking for cheap flights from leeds/bradford to alicante on around about 26 August to 3 September. doesnt have to be them dates exactly. and also could have different companies. such as jet 2 there and thomas cook bak. im really struggling! x x Chosen Answer: try looking up [...]

Looking for resource for cheap international flights?

Am planning a trip from Miami to Berlin and back sometime this spring or summer. I will be staying 2 1/2 weeks. I am very flexible on dates to travel. Chosen Answer: Nothing special to Belin, righ now! Try FRA/Frankfurt! see: Please check: Tips: a- use flexible dates b- use alternative airports [...]

Cheap flights from Ireland to Australia?

Where can you go to get the cheapest flight from dublin, Ireland to Brisbane, Australia around Christmas time? Thanks for all answers so far. I need to know cost in euro and also roughly the dates would be 21 Dec – 5 Jan. Thanks again Chosen Answer: Don’t look prices stated in currency other then [...]

I want To Travel from Cairo To Ottawa and from LA to Cairo any cheap flights?

I want To Travel from Cairo To Ottawa and from LA to Cairo any cheap flights Chosen Answer: The exact cost depends a lot on the specific travel dates. What would you consider to be cheap? Tickets in mid-January for that trip range from USD960 to about 1,600.

Cheap flights from Newark, USA to Shannon, Ireland.?

I’ve been searching for cheap flights to Shannon, Ireland from the dates of the 21st of June to the 12th of July. I’ve been searching and couldn’t find anything under 0. Can someone help me find a cheap flight below that. Thanks Chosen Answer: It’s probably expensive because its near USA’s independence day when people [...]

Does anyone know of any cheap flights to Salvador, Brazil?

I am struggling to find anything less than £800 return. First Choice offers flights but they don’t do onteh dates I need – 5th July to 20th July… Any ideas on where to start would be great… Chosen Answer: try this website, click on international flight search also check both roundtrip and one way, sometimes [...]

I am looking for a website where I can find cheap flights from Iowa to Boston.?

I will be flying mid July to Boston from Iowa. What site can I find good rates? Also, I have a child under 2.. does she fly for free? What are the rules for her? We never fly so this is all foreign to me. Thanks! Chosen Answer: you should try travelocity. Type in your [...]

Were can you buy cheap flights to Turkey?

Iv looked at loads of sites but they all are £300pp or more return flights which is too expensive! Thanks Chosen Answer: from where????? what dates? Anyways… London? If so, go directly to Turkey: for 35 £ and I would choose to have a scale when returning: see: the cheapest here is Finnair: [...]

cheap flights to and from small airports?

i would be leaving from the gulfport airport (GPT) in mississippi going to the state college airport (SCE) for my fall break in october. i’ve been looking for a few days at a TON of websites for cheap flights but everythings upwards of 0… any suggestions or tips? it would be greatly appreciated! ps- travel [...]