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Are there any cheap flights to Minot, ND?

I live in NYC and unlike Florida, I can’t fined any cheap flights to Minot, ND. What is the cheapest flight, through which airline, and how many airlines service that airport? Thanks in advance Chosen Answer: Delta, United, and Allegiant fly to Minot. It is such a small market, there are no cheap tickets.

columbus to huston i need cheap flights?

I need to fly from columbus ohio to huston texas. i want to leave nov. 28 and come back that sunday…i will fly any airline and i can fly out of columbus, ohio Cincinnati, Cleveland, ohio or anywhere in western west virgina…what is the cheapest flight i could get Chosen Answer: By the way, [...]

Cheap flights from London Heathrow to San-Fransisco?

Any tips on picking up the cheapest fares possible for airline flights between London Heathrow and San-Fransisco. Our son lives there but the cost of the flights for 2 adults & 1 child is over £1,000 Any genuine “MONEY SAVING” tips to get the fares at a lower price or any other tips to reduce [...]

where can i find cheap flights from england?

I will be going on a cruise that arrives in england (south hampton) What airport should i fly out of and what airline would be cheapest? would it be cheaper to go to another country and fly from there. It is in april and there will be 2 seniors and a 15 and 12 year [...]

What website can I go to get cheap flights to Las Vegas?

I want to go from Buffalo, NY to Las Vegas I need to leave july 7 and return on the july 10 I need tickets for 3 people and I want to spend under 900 for the three of us Any website suggestions , where i can get a good deal? thanks so much , [...]

Any ideas on where to get cheap flights to South Africa from london leaving in September?

Chosen Answer: try cheap if you are gonna call an airline directly to book a flight, keep in mind that fairs change every few minutes. The best time to call is around 2am,.. ! ….. if possible try to book a flight atleast 11 days a later. Some days of the [...]

Cheap flights from Frankfurt to Amsterdam?

Does anyone know of the cheapest airline to fly with from Frankfurt, Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands? I’ve been told that flights can be as low as Euro but so far I’ve only found flights that are 0 and up. Or would it be cheaper to take a train? Chosen Answer: You can take a bus, [...]

Is there cheap airline flights between Istanbul and Cairo?

Hi. Could I get on cheap airline plane to get Cairo from Istanbul? Just checked Turkish airlines web site and found it costs almost 0 for round trip ticket. The price I should beat is USD500. If there is cheap ferry liner between two cities, it would be great. Please help me. Chosen Answer: Egypt [...]